Checklist before Tree Removal

Post Date: Aug 05, 2020

The process of a tree removal takes place for certain reasons like; a dead tree which can be harmful to other healthy trees, a tree on a dangerous the condition can be injurious to people or any neighbor houses or beside the road can cause accidents etc. Now, before cutting down a tree we must look out on some specific areas.

  • Checking out the size of the tree- Before the removal process starts we must see the size of the tree because depending on it the whole process will run including the pieces of equipment that will be chosen as per the tree size. The bigger tree, the risk is high. But it is okay with the small or medium trees.
  • The leaning angel- The second aspect is to find out the actual leaning angel of the tree so that after cutting down the tree it falls in the right direction as per the plan. Hence, before the tree removal, the perspective area can be cleaned, thus no accident or injury can take place within the working space.
  • Runaway path- It is very important to find the escape path precisely. Many times it happened that after cutting the tree it didn’t fell on the predicted direction rather than an unpredictable incident took place. So, beforehand you must find some runaway lanes to stay safe.
Apart from all of these, removing a tree is risky. This is why it is better to consult with a professional. In “AAA Tree Service” the removal costing is affordable than other tree removal prices in the market.