The Best Tips for Beginners to Grow and Take Care of the Succulent Plants

Post Date: Jan 02, 2021


The plants that stores water in their leaves and stems or sometimes both of them are being called the succulent plants. The cactuses are also falling under this succulent plants’ list hold a large numbers of species and varieties with different colors and types as well. People adore cactuses as they need minimum maintenance (with some typical guidelines) and they can be decorated as an indoor plant and outdoor plant at the same time. SO, if you are planning to have a succulent plant then go for these below tips and see your plant grow healthy with blooming beautiful flowers when the time will come. Otherwise, you can contact AAA Tree Service for quality tree maintenance program for better result. Succulents are originated from the dry desert areas and this is the reason why they can survive the driest seasons. At the same time providing much water can be dangerous for them. Let’s see the tips to grow a succulent plant easily and beautifully.tree maintenance

  • The first thing you need to keep in mind is the planting location even if it is inside the home. A Succulent plant needs a lot of light and heat to stay alive which is natural. Always choose sunny area where the sunlight touches the plants for long hours.
  • The next is about the soil mixture and pot type. Choosing a pot to plant a succulent plant is the second important thing you should have in the list. The pot must have a good drainage system so that the water can pass out easily without keeping the soil wet for so long, otherwise, it can rot the stem of the plants and they will die. Another thing is soil, which are different for indoor and outdoor plants. For indoor plants you will need a soil mix that holds pumice, sharp sand, grit, or Perlite to support the water drainage properly. In case of outdoor succulents you need sandy or rocky soil that can let the extra water to go down the ground instead of staying for long on the base surface.
  • Now it’s time to water them. Succulents are different from the other plants’ water schedules. As they already stores water inside their leaves and stems so this is why you need to water them by checking the moisture of the soil. Jus few sprinkle of water twice in a week will do well. But do not water them in winter.
  • Fertilize them in summer only with an exact amount.
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