All about tree pruning and trimming methods you need to know

Post Date: Jul 01, 2020

Tree pruning and trimming are one of the most important procedures of horticulture while maintaining the trees. It has many positive impacts on trees in building health and growth. There are specific methods and time to prune trees to maintain their perfect growth. Most of the time people hire professional arborists to provide tree pruning and trimming services. ‘AAA Tree Service’ is one of them who serves tree trimming service in Ipswich, Goodna, Shailer Park, Mount Gravatt, Mount Cotton, Springwood, and Gold Coast areas. Let’s clear the whole concept about tree pruning and trimming process.

Tree pruning and trimming

The tree pruning trimming is about cutting off the unnecessary branches, limbs, roots, buds, and leaves. Plants and trees have a different process of trimming. Plants like rose, fruits producing trees, vines need the pruning properly as their limbs hold them and pruning the branches keep the limbs intact. Removing dead branches, leaves yellow buds are also part of tree pruning and trimming process.

Importance of pruning and trimming

Trimming and pruning are like the savior for trees and plants. Especially, for fruit-producing trees. Pruning them provides appropriate nutrients to grow well and healthy. At the same time, removing or cutting down limbs or branches can save the other parts of trees from unwanted infections or diseases.

Time to prune

Though, every tree and plant has their own pruning and trimming timing, but the idle time is late fall and early spring to trim the plants. tree pruning and trimming services

Methods of pruning and trimming The tree pruning and maintenance have many benefits not only on health but also adding a nice shape to them.

  • Raising - The raising of any plant or tree falls under raising the crown. Cutting down a few lower branches gives a niche shape to the tree and helps the growth upwards instead of getting wider.
  • Reduction- Reduction of trees need a lot of knowledge and skills to do. It is basically done to maintain fast growth and improve aesthetics by trimming the stem.
  • Thinning and cleaning – The thinning is for matured trees to control the flow of sunlight and air observation by pruning the edges of the crown. In the case of cleaning it is the removal process of unnecessary dead branches from the trees.
  • Rooster tailing – Rooster tailing are specifically for palm trees to remove the lower fronds while over-thinning.
  • Topping and Lion’s Tail - Topping is cutting of excess branches for large stubs. Whereas Lion’s tailing is of cutting down inner branches from the trees.