The checklist for commercial tree service providers

Post Date: Jul 06, 2020

Trees are nature’s most expensive gifts. It not only creates a healthy atmosphere to live but also increases air quality. At the same time having a garden on the front or backyard can also enhance the property value. The tree also needs proper take care otherwise they will get attacked by various sicknesses and will die soon. As a result, there will be a certain degradation on the property value including it will also affect the eco-system as well. It’s our duty to protect the trees not only to enhance the property value but also to balance the eco-system. It is very hard to maintain a large number of trees at the same time and schedule their watering, pruning along with fertilizing. This is why commercial tree services are there to help you out like; ‘AAA Tree Service’. The arborists are called tree doctors. They only know how to treat the trees in a better way. They have their to-do list to maintain a tree. Let’s have a quick look into it.

Tree planting

The first step of tree maintenance starts from the tree planting. A tree planting needs lots of researches like; soil quality, tree type, fertilization, proper plow, etc. This is why the arborists are being called for help. They decide and give the exact need for the trees to be planned.

The soil preparation and watering

Now the second thing is soil prepetition. Preparing the soil only before tree planting is not enough. The tree base is needed to utilize all the nutrients and thus tree mulching is necessary. But remember only 2 to 3 inches thick will be the ideal mulching. At the same time, watering is the most needed part to help in growing trees. The professional arborists know when to water the trees including the amount.  commercial tree removal


Sometimes adding nutrients to the trees to enhance their growth is necessary. This is why choosing proper fertilizer and giving them on a certain amount is important. Overfertilization can damage the natural minerals and increase the salt level into the soil which can affect the tree health.

Tree pruning and removing

Tree pruning and trimming are needed to give a nice shape also to prevent several diseases. At the same time the tree removal especially the dead trees are needed to be removed to maintain other healthy trees’ health. The commercial tree removal experts will help you out with this.

The commercial tree service also includes stump grinding, stump removal, area cleanup, tree logging, Consult with ‘AAA Tree Service’ provides the best commercial tree services in Ipswich, Goodna, Shailer Park, Mount Gravatt, Mount Cotton, Springwood, and Gold Coast areas.