Lavenders- Know Their Benefits and How to Grow?

Post Date: Dec 01, 2020


WE all are familiar with lavender, the velvet purple colored flower with an exotic, fresh and soothing smell that can enhance any one’s mood. Lavender has always proved to be one of the best flowers when it comes to the benefits there is a long list. Having a border line of lavenders in the garden is not only beautiful but also worthy as well. In this blog, we are going to discussing about the benefits of having the flowers and the growing process as well. Let’s have a look at the benefits first. Benefits of lavender

  • The first benefit of lavender is, it provides a good sleep. The soothing smell itself has the healing property that calms the mind and reduces the stress to provide a good sound sleep at night.
  • It also treats any skin pigmentations.
  • As the quality of soothing smell exists thus, it controls the blood pressure and lowers down the heart rate to heal the body and mind at the same time.
  • Lavender can also affect to cure the asthma symptoms as well.
  • The essential oil from lavenders sooths the skin irritation and rashes.
You can have the lavenders either in your home or in the garden. Holding the immense numbers of benefits you can surely go for growing them. The below steps will guide you to grow them well. The process of growing lavenders
  • Spot to grow- To grow lavenders the first thing you need to decide the right position to grow them. A sunny area is a perfect spot to grow the lavenders. In the full sun exposure those flowers will shine like anything. If you are thinking to plant them but don’t know how to do it, then contact the experts from AAA Tree Service for plant services, cutting, pruning, replanting budget in Brisbane.
  • Soil- Talking about the soil, the lavenders grow best in the soil which has good drainage system that doesn’t let the water to stay near the stems for a long time. Otherwise they will die due to rotten stems. Prepare the soil blend properly before you plant them especially do not forget to add dolomite.
  • Watering- Lavenders grow really well under normal maintenance. Water them twice a week will be enough to have the perfect routine.
  • Fertilizing- There is no need of fertilizer that much to boost the growth or to maintain the health because they grow under lower maintenance. Once in two or three weeks will be good to provide fertilizers. Try to consider the organic one.
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