It is all about the ‘Lithops’ – The Living Stones

Post Date: Nov 01, 2020

Don’t be confused by looking at these stones, it’s just a camouflage hiding behind the stone face. These are actually succulent plants which are originated in Southern Africa and an amazing gift from nature. The shape and color of these plants look exactly like a stone with a pair of buttocks and this is the reason why they are also called the ‘living stone’ or ‘Lithops’. The best part is, the flower comes out right from the middle and completes the look of these plants with their beauty. The words came from an ancient Greek words ?????’ means stone and ‘??’ means face.  The colorful lithops can be a great addition to your indoor and outdoor plants as well.

If you find this interesting read further to know more about the process of growing them.

Types of Lithops

The living stones or says the lithops you see are mostly from the family of ‘Mesembryanthemum’. Apart from this there are some more genre are available that the lithops are belong to. It is very hard to recognize and to make differentiate from one plant to another because they all look quite same from open eyes. To pick up the right plant for you depending on your preference and flower that bloom including the dormancy season when the pants shrink there blooming.

‘Lithops’ – The living stones

Things you need to plant a lithops

  • Lithops seed,
  • Pot with proper drainage system,
  • Potting soil mixture or special cactus soil blend,
  • Perlite,
  • Sharp or fine sand and small crushed rocks/ pebbles and
  • Water to spray.
Planting process

Take a pot and mix the sand with Perlite and mix it well and make a layer of crushed rocks or pebbles on the top. Keep the seeds just after the last layer of the sand. Do not push it too deep in the sand otherwise, it will not get germinated. Now sprinkle little water with a spray bottle. Too much water is unnecessary. Keep the pot in the proper sunlight for better results.

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