Types of grasses you can have them in your lawn or garden

Post Date: Oct 04, 2020
The grasses may seem very small but it plays a big role while providing comfort to the other trees. The surface of the grasses on the ground keeps the soil cool and maintains the temperature so that trees can live well. Mostly, during summer, the soil becomes hotter and the trees become dry. This is the grasses who keep the soil temperature moderate for sake of the trees’ health. At the same time, it also adds good looks to your lawn and garden. A well-trimmed grass cover looks very neat and clean. AAA Tree Service provides the best landscape maintenance ideas as per your preference. Now, let’s see, the different types of grasses you can have for your garden. There are mainly two types of grasses. One is a warm-season grass and another is cold season grasses. Grasses that falls under the warm season are as follows-
  • Zoysia Grass- This grass can tolerate not only heat but also drought as well. During the summer season, this grass surface can be the best choice to have in your lawn or garden. It also terminates the weeds’ growth by their speedy spread outs.
  • Bermuda grass- This is one of the common grasses with dark green pointed top and lively roots which are seen on the playground, parks, fields, etc. This grass is very tolerant of the heat and also requires less maintenance. The thickness of this grass spreads out on the garden land and makes it looks complete.
  • Centipede grass- This grass has light green colored leaves and spreads horizontally on the land. Like the Bermuda grass, it also needs less maintenance and mowing. It can also grow in acidic soil and requires less fertilizer than the other warm seasonal grasses.
Grasses of the cold season are below here-
  • Kentucky bluegrass- This meadow-grass type has the ultimate tolerance of extreme cold and grows tremendously. You can have them just before the winter begins in your lawn till the fall comes.
  • Fescue grass- It is also another type of cool-season grasses and divided into five leaves plants. During winter add them to your lawn or garden for a better and unchanged look. There are many other kinds of grass-like; bentgrass, ryegrass, etc. Contact with AAA Tree Service for the preferred tree maintenance program and plant services, cutting, pruning, replanting budget in Ipswich, Goodna, Shailer Park, Mount Gravatt, Mount Cotton, Springwood, and Gold Coast areas.