Know the Ideal time of Tree Pruning with AAA Tree Service

Post Date: Oct 01, 2020

After planting a tree, watering fertilizing is not enough. To boost the tree growth tree pruning is also very important. The trimming and pruning provide the tree to utilize the minerals and water on the necessary parts of the body. The tree pruning includes the removal of dead branches, leaves, buds, infected limbs, unwanted roots, and stems, etc. Notice, over-pruning can be dangerous for the tree health and the season or time also matters while pruning the branches. It takes a long time to re-grow the cut down parts. Consult with the expert arborists from AAA Tree Service in Ipswich, Goodna, Shailer Park, Mount Gravatt, Mount Cotton, Springwood and Gold Coast areas and get the quality Tree Pruning and Trimming Services to maintain your trees’ health.

Seasonal pruning

On the above section, it is already elaborated the importance of tree pruning and maintenance. Now let’s have look towards the pruning timing, which means when you can trim the trees for better health.

Pruning in winter-

One of the common practices of tree pruning is winter pruning. In this dormancy season, the trees grow gets slower but after the winter when the spring is about to start the tree starts its growth enormously. Just let the coldest time to get over and the tree is ready to prune.

Pruning in Summer-

Pruning in summer is best for ornamental plants. Even you can focus on fruit tree growths. Apart from all these, in summer the shoddy limbs or branches are easily visible to prune.

Floral plat pruning –

The flowering plant that blooms in the springtime must be pruned after the flower shades. Floral plants that are bloom in the middle of the summer or late must complete pruning eithe4r in the winter or before spring starts. Always remember light pruning is okay despite any season but in case of deep trimming or pruning trees, you must consult with the experts, they know better. Stay connected with ‘AAA Tree Service’ in Ipswich, Goodna, Shailer Park, Mount Gravatt, Mount Cotton, Springwood, and Gold Coast areas for quality Tree trimming service and tree maintenance program under affordable Tree pruning & trimming cost.