Love Japanese Maple Bonsai? Take These Tips from AAA Tree Service To Grow Them

Post Date: Dec 12, 2020

Bonsai is an art of miniature while pruning the trees to grow in a small pot. It is originated in Japan. It is basically the art of shaping a full-size tree in a single pot. They can be a very good addition to your garden or living room, study room as an indoor plant. At the same time to take care of these trees are more like other outdoor trees but the pruning process and the amount of water, fertilization somehow needs to manage depending on the size and need of the particular bonsai plant. Today’s blog is about the Japanese maple tree which is very elegant and the beauty speaks about itself. To take care and to grow a Japanese maple tree needs proper guidance. Here are the as follows.


Starting with the soil mixture

A Japanese maple needs to grow in a well nutrient soil that has the proper pH level right between 5.5 to 6.5 for better growth. Generally the bonsai soil mixture which is available in the market will be perfect for the tree.

The amount of sunlight

The Japanese maple doesn’t need much light or harsh sunny effect to grow. A party shady place away from the excess sun heat will perfectly do for the tree.

Amount of water to give

Like the other bonsai plants, the Japanese maples are also fallen under the need for a certain amount of water. Like in the summer and spring season the plant needs to be water very often to balance the soil moisture. But while the dormant seasons avoid providing excess ware, otherwise it can damage the root.

Outdoor or indoor plant

The Japanese maples are best for an outdoor plant with partly shady an area away from harsh sunlight. If you want to keep it indoors choose a window with a table beside the window where the sunlight is moderate.

Pruning the bonsai

Pruning is one of the important priorities to maintain the health of any bonsai trees and so is the Japanese maple. Regular pruning will not only boost the growth but also gives the preferred shape you want to see at. AAA Tree Service provides the best tree pruning and trimming services. In the end, take a look at the tree regularly to avoid unnecessary pests. Contact AAA Tree Service for quality Tree maintenance services, Tree pruning & trimming cost in Ipswich, Goodna, Shailer Park, Mount Gravatt, Mount Cotton, Springwood and Gold Coast areas.